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Making arts and cultural policy research easier

We have re-designed our website to make it easier for you to find information on key topics in arts and cultural policy.

Over the past seven years, IFACCA has undertaken research on a variety of topics on cultural policy and government support for the arts. Information on these topics are listed at the ‘topics and themes’ section of the IFACCA website, which we have recently redesigned to make it easier to browse the topics and find related resources.

At the Topics and Themes page you can now browse through topic summaries by four key themes: 
Artists: Topics about ways to support, encourage, and help professional artists
Good practice: Topics relating to good practice in the operation of a national arts and culture agency
Policy: More general topics on arts and cultural policy
Statistics: A global perspective on arts and culture statistics and indicators

Clicking on a topic title takes you to a dedicated web page where you will find a range of resources on the topic, such as news items, publications, events, and an IFACCA D’Art research report if one has been produced. For example, at the topic page on arts and education research, you can read about IFACCA’s contribution to producing the Wow Factor global compendium on arts and education research, as well as link to 38 publications, 67 news items, and 20 events relating to the topic.

These are dynamic pages - new resources are added regularly as the secretariat produces ACORNS and as members of our network alert us to new resources on the topics. We are looking at ways of developing these topics pages further to facilitate information sharing across the IFACCA network, and welcome any ideas you may have to achieve this.

The topics are a part of IFACCA’s D’Art research program. The topics chosen under the program are generated by people working in government arts agencies or in cultural policy research, so they are highly relevant to the work of IFACCA members. This unique research program is described in more detail here.

Show latest news, more from July 2008.