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Draft National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries

Creativity is a shared experience between those who manifest it and those who experience it. It shapes our cultural identity and provides an extensive platform for innovation and change. It can excite, challenge, entertain and enlighten but it can also generate employment and wealth. It is intrinsically an industry that capitalises on intellectual property and which has its origin in individual creativity, talent and skill.

Being a source of prosperity in both economic and social terms, creativity can increase our standard of living, regenerate our towns and villages, enhance our environment, explore our educational needs, improve our health, generate tourism, promote our country on the world stage and attract new investments. It is for all these reasons that creativity works.

We invite you to participate in the public consultation process of the strategy drawn up by the Ministry of Finance, the Economy and Investment and the Ministry for Tourism, Culture and the Environment, to ensure that the successful implementation of this strategy transforms the cultural and creative sector into the most dynamic facet of Malta’s socio-economic life in the 21 century.

The consultation process will remain open until the 14th of September.


Show latest news, more from August 2012.