Type of Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of IFACCA. We offer two types of membership: National and Affiliate. 

National Members 
National Members are national arts councils, ministries of culture or government agencies whose primary role is to support the arts and culture through funding and promotion. National Members have the right to vote at the General Assembly and are required to make financial contributions to support the Federation. 

If you would like to apply for National Membership please email us for more information at info@ifacca.org.

Affiliate Members
Affiliate Members are organisations that are committed to public support for the arts, including international, national or sub-national support or service agencies. These organisations include public or private cultural foundations and arts endowments, and public or private institutions and individuals involved in policy, research or promotion for arts and culture. 

If you would like to apply for Affiliate Membership, simply download and complete the application form and email it to us at info@ifacca.org

Download the application form for Affiliate Membership

We will contact you about your application as soon as possible, but please note that applications for membership are subject to the approval of the Board.  This can take up to several months depending on the Board’s meeting schedule.



National Membership fees

National Members fall into two groups: 

• higher fee-paying members, whose contribution is AUD1,000 or more per annum
• lower fee-paying members, whose contribution is less than AUD1,000 per annum.


How does IFACCA calculate national member fees?  
National membership fees are set on a sliding scale using the United Nations (UN) scale of assessments, the method used by the UN to set its own membership fees. The scale adopts a formula based on the GDP per capita of each country. 

What is your fee? 
The annual fee is your country’s UN scale multiplied by an 'IFACCA Factor' and rounded. The fees for National Members are currently based on the UN Scale of Assessments for 2016-2018 and an ‘IFACCA Factor’ of 23,000 Australian Dollars. The fee covers the period from 1 January to 31 December.  The National Membership fees for 2019 is available to download as a PDF file.

Download the 2019 IFACCA membership fee schedule

Lower fee-paying members are asked to pay three years’ membership at a time.  The fees for the lower fee-paying members are applied in three bands. The lower fee paying policy is described in detail in the documents below.



What if you want to contribute more than the fee?  
In several cases, National Members have contributed more than the UN Scale figure. Such additional contributions are gratefully accepted. Members have also indicated interest in supporting projects to enable participation from lower income member countries. IFACCA greatly values this level of support as it acknowledges the disparity of access to resources in its international membership.  

What if the fee is too high?  
The Board realises that in some rare cases, organisational budgets may differ significantly from the nation’s GDP, and that the set fee may be unrealistically high. In such cases, the Board invites proposals for a lesser fee.



Affiliate Membership fees

The Board has set the following fees for 2018:


Fee in Australian dollars (AUD)

Government bodies




(NB. Australian affiliates, please add 10 per cent for GST).

* The Board will consider applications for reduced fees on a case by case basis, and only from organisations in developing countries.

Please read the IFACCA policy for non-payment of membership fees.