Careers in Culture

Cultural Human Resources Council,
01 January 2000, USA

Fun, easy-to-read booklets feature the latest information on career trends in six different cultural fields. Along with job search strategies, training requirements, job interview tips, and interest and aptitude quizzes, these booklets also feature examples of cover letters and resum├ęs, instructions on how to create a demo or portfolio, and behind-the-scenes testimonials from people in the "biz". The accompanying Discovery CD-ROM (game) builds on the information found in the booklets, and also provides enlightening interactive games, entertaining puzzles and fascinating live video. Lists of national organizations are provided. Over 300 artists and cultural workers contributed to the development of the Careers in Culture kit. Kit is available boxed; it includes 6 printed booklets, a game CD-ROM and an Activities Kit for teachers. This series is intended for youth (12-20 years old), parents, educators and career counselors. FREE OF CHARGE; however, shipping and handling charges will apply.