From Mission to Motivation

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council,
01 January 2000, USA

The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council of the US has released From Mission To Motivation: A Focused Approach To Increased Arts Participation. The new book explores how not-for-profits and arts groups can plan well for their future, esuring audiences, patrons and desired outcomes for all. EXTRACT: "Building personal relationships builds audience. A clear understanding of relevant personal motivators is essential to establish a strong foundation to build participation. Targeting the small or mid-sized arts group, this workbook is designed for use in self-guided learning or a facilitated workshop process to help build consensus around audience development goals and strategies." As one constituent shared, "This publication has been incredibly helpful to us as we move forward in our 15th year to make our chorus stronger and more vital to the communities we serve. We are using the book as a guide as we move forward with work to strengthen our audiences, donors and volunteers, as well as providing individual growth to our leadership and organisation." From Mission to Motivation: a focused approach to increased arts participation, softcover, 84 pages, $15.00 For further information, CLICK HERE