ICT expanded in England's public libraries

24 June 2002, United Kingdom

The People's Network project, which aims to connect all public libraries across England to the internet by the end of 2002, has received GB£1.7 million from the People's Network Excellence Fund, part of a program managed by the Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries' New Opportunities Fund and Resource. The fund will finance 26 projects across England, enabling libraries to further develop their information and communications technology (ICT) provision, with new and innovative services, such as state-of-the-art computer technology, aimed at making the internet accessible to everyone in the community. Many of the projects to benefit from the funding are focused on the need to make library services accessible from remote locations – such as the home, shopping malls, or other community venues – through software development or physical expansion of existing infrastructure. Lending services, access to library-based electronic datasets and mobile libaries are also program focuses. Further details regarding the funding are available at: www.resource.gov.uk/news/press_article.asp?articleid=369