Agencies merge to form major new arts marketing agency

27 May 2005, United Kingdom

The merger of three separate agencies from south and west Wales sees the creation of a major new arts marketing agency. The merger came as the result of an initiative proposed by the Arts Council of Wales (ACW) initiative and backing from local authorities. The new agency will initially work with arts organisations to develop audiences across 11 local authority areas, with the aim of bringing in another three local councils by 2006. The three agencies, Cardiff Arts Marketing (CAM), Valleys Arts Marketing (VAM) and Marketing the Arts in Swansea and Carmarthenshire (MASC) worked with a team of consultants, via The Arts Council of Wales Sustainability Programme, to develop a business plan which allowed them to merge successfully. Peter Tyndall, ACW’s Chief Executive, said, “This is a very significant development. The new agency will be a major component of ACW’s drive to improve arts marketing across Wales. It will enable us to develop stronger expertise and will deliver better value for the public investment involved.” Culture Minister Alun Pugh welcomed the new agency. “This merger will meet two very important objectives. It will allow more effective marketing to ensure that we increase the audiences to arts events across South Wales. This is especially important as increased investment through the Arts Outside Cardiff fund comes on stream. It will also ensure that public sector investment is as efficient and effective as we can make it,” he said. It is hoped that savings made on central services will enable more core funding to be directed at developing audiences across the region, with increased potential for developing innovative marketing projects, collaborative working across regions, and the sharing of skills across arts sectors. The agency will also be a key partner in helping to deliver ACW’s audience development strategy. “We are particularly pleased that so many local authorities have shown their commitment to the arts and to the work of the agency by committing expenditure for the next three years. That was a major factor in persuading the ACW to increase its own funding,” said Peter Tyndall. The merger took legal effect as from April 5, but new branding for the agency will be launched later this year. For further information, CLICK HERE