Arts Marketing Symposium in Wales

15 November 2006, United Kingdom

The Arts Council of Wales hosted its annual Marketing Symposium yesterday. Keynote speakers from across the UK and Europe assembled to discuss key issues affecting the arts today. Specific topics covered included how to best use audience research to achieve audience growth, how to reach audiences using new technology, and how to best manage and develop customer relationships through effective database management Ann Kellaway, Senior Research and Audience Development Officer for The Arts Council of Wales commented that "the Arts industry is a central part of the Welsh economy, and so it is vitally important that we in the Arts Council continue to support marketing skills, knowledge and networks development within the industry. "Year on year, the popularity of the ACW Marketing Symposium has grown and developed because people find it useful, relevant and inspiring to meet other professionals in the field and to come together to share ideas and importantly solutions to the challenges faced every day." For more information, CLICK HERE