Culture on Demand: Ways to engage a broader audience

Department of Culture, Media and Sport,
01 July 2007, United Kingdom

Although the Taking Part survey shows that 90 per cent of people say that they have been actively involved with culture, there are groups of people where participation is still much lower. Whilst there has been considerable research into the barriers to participation, such as price and physical access, relatively little has been known about the actual demand for culture. Specific knowledge about how best to maximise participation by responding practically and effectively to this demand was not widespread. So the Department commissioned FreshMinds to collate all the available evidence around the drivers of demand for culture amongst the priority audiences as defined in the Department's Public Service Agreement target (Black and Minority Ethnic communities, disabled people, lower socio-economic groups). The aim was to identify the most important drivers of demand; to suggest tactics which address these drivers; to explore the motivation and experience which drive demand; and to suggest practical ways to engage a broader audience. The findings in the report complement the information emerging from analysis of the Taking Part survey and related research across the Department. The research will inform forthcoming policy decisions, the development of objectives and how the Department relates to the wider sector. In the immediate future, the research will be a valuable resource for the Department in determining effective communication approaches, indicating where the Department's impact can be greatest, showing where joint approaches can be successful and showing where information sharing can overcome common issues. Both an executive summary and the full report are available online by following the above link.