Contemporary Mexico’s Cultural Policies within the Context of UNESCO’s Convention on Cultural Diversity

Observatoire des Amériques,
06 June 2008, Mexico

An article by Fabiola Rodríguez-Barba from number 08-11 (June 2008) of Chroniques des Amériques, published by Montreal’s Observatory of the Americas, that explores Mexico’s cultural policies within the context of UNESCO’s Convention on Cultural Diversity.

Over the last decade, UNESCO has promoted several international seminars to analyse the role of culture in contemporary societies and has undertaken analysis and study on this subject. Mexico has been an important and central facilitator for the issue. Conscious of diversity’s potentialities and of Mexican culture’s richness, Mexico has taken part actively in a series of initiatives that have gradually transformed the cultural landscape. However, this undertaking has not been an easy one, and serious limitations remain; more than mere political will and international agreements are needed.

The document, in Spanish, can be downloaded in its entirety from the external link below.