New Graduate Program in Cultural Industries

Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero,
10 September 2008, Argentina

The National University of the Third of February (UNTREF) recently opened a Graduate Program in Cultural Industries coordinated by Stella Puente and directed by an academic committee formed by Octavio Getino, Hernán Gullo and Mariana Markowiecki. According to the terms of application, the importance of cultural industries sets out two educational needs: the first one is related to the field of public administration and the second one to the field of production. Public administration has local and international perspectives and the demand for it puts at the center. The same happens in the private sector where numerous actors see culture as a business opportunity and need tools for its development. This program seeks to create a professional profile in public policy administration and/or in private consultancy or administration. The total amount of hours of study is 85, of which 64 are in-person and 20 to write a final paper. The classes began August 19.