IFACCA African Chapter established

28 October 2009, South Africa

One of the most significant outcomes of the 4th World Summit held in Joburg last month was the formation of an African Chapter of IFACCA.  The Chapter will be chaired initially by the CEO of the National Arts Council of South Africa, Annabell Lebethe in consultation with co-IFACCA board member, Quresh Ahmed and IFACCA Executive Director, Sarah Gardner.

Following considered discussions by 14 of IFACCA's 16 African national members represented at the Summit, as well as a range of observers from a number of other countries and pan-African organisations, the 11 members* (listed below) who attended the final meeting on 25 September fully endorsed the formation of the regional grouping of arts funding bodies and cultural agencies. Regional chapters are an opportunity for increased networking and stronger links between IFACCA members, and for identifying key priorities and strategies in arts and cultural policy by countries with similar circumstances.

The African Chapter joins IFACCA’s Asian Chapter, as well as an active regional grouping of IFACCA members in Europe and the first stages of a group in Latin America.

In all, the 250 African delegates at the Summit represented 32 African countries - about 60 percent of all African countries.  The participation in the World Summit of such a large number of delegates from Africa was in large part due to the efforts of the Arterial Network, a dynamic network of individuals, institutions and funding partners working to support the effectiveness and growth of African arts and culture in civil society and to enhance the sustainability of creative industries in Africa.  The Arterial Network held its Second Biannual Conference in Joburg immediately prior to the World Summit. The NAC and IFACCA in partnership with international partners - the Commonwealth Foundation, Danish Arts Agency, Arts Council of Finland and Arts Council Norway - also supported 13 bursaries from Africa as well as 27 South African bursaries.

*IFACCA members who attended the African meeting on 25 September
Ministry of Youth, Sport & Culture, Botswana
National Council for Arts & Culture of The Gambia
Bomas of Kenya
Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife & Culture, Malawi
Ministère de la Culture et des Arts, Niger
National Council for Arts & Culture, Nigeria
Ministère de la Culture et de la Francophonie, Sénégal
National Arts Council of South Africa
Basata: National Arts Council, Tanzania
National Arts Council of Zambia
National Arts Council of Zimbabwe