The President of Paraguay inaugurates the National Museum of Fine Arts

Prensa Latina,
27 May 2011, Paraguay

Fernando Lugo, President of Paraguay, inaugurated today the new installations of the National Museum of Fine Arts, and considered this event a turning point in the country’s cultural history.

Lugo pointed out that the opening of the museum “is important not only because it means the recovery of the erudite arts collection” for the enjoyment of citizens, but “also because it is now possible to research the history of this collection”.

The head of state affirmed that the museum contains a legacy left to “our care by previous generations, and that it represents one of the many dreams of how Paraguay should be”.

During a brief speech, the head of state remembered a few words of the speech delivered by Juan Silvan in 1909 while inaugurating the Museum of Fine Arts and the American Library: “this is a definitive event all inhabitants of the Republic had a right to”.

He emphasized that visiting this museum is a right of all citizens and a democratic extension of knowledge, of allowing aesthetic enjoyment for all.

President Lugo reminded the attendants of Silvano Godoy’s ideal of a better Paraguay, of a country with museums and libraries where local history and art would connect with regional and international scenarios.

Jorge Lara, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Víctor Bogado, President of the Chamber of Deputies; Ticio Escobar, Minister of Culture, and Luis Alberto Riart, Minister of Education also attended the opening ceremony.