The Ministry of Culture has unveiled a Culture Stamp to support the legal supply of cultural content on the Internet

Ministerio de Cultura,
09 June 2011, Spain

The undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture, Mercedes del Palacio, today announced an initiative of the Ministry to support the legal supply of cultural content on the Internet. The Department has created a Culture Stamp and will undertake an online advertising campaign under the slogan "We're all behind culture".

The Culture Stamp aims to identify companies and institutions in the field of music, film, books, art and video games that offer digital content, either paid or free, and that respect intellectual property rights.

Obtaining the Culture Stamp will be processed by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property by phone 91 701 71 10 and on the website of the Ministry of Culture. The Culture Stamp can be obtained for free by enterprises or institutions and included on their website, products and outreach materials. Thus, Internet users can identify web pages that comply with cultural content laws and intellectual property rights.

Microsite and ad campaign
To sensitize public opinion about the value of cultural industries, which generate 800,000 jobs, the Ministry has created the microsite Through a series of video testimonials from professionals in all fields of culture, it explains the operation of cultural industries and added-value for thousands of professionals that bring cultural products into the digital age.

Moreover, a series of commercials showing the need to consume culture responsibly i.e. through legal webpages, allowing the industry to compete, create wealth and jobs.

The online advertising campaign under the slogan "We're all behind Culture" will be held through banners distributed in different media on the internet and differentiated by sector: music, film photography, video and book. The campaign will run from 10 June to 31 July.