Conacyt supports arts students

08 August 2012, Mexico

Eight candidates for Ph.D. or master’s in fine arts can apply for a scholarship overseas granted by the National Science and Technology Council (Conacyt) within the framework of an agreement established with the INBA Foundation.

Sergio Autrey, President of the Foundation and Dolores Sánchez Soler, Conacyt’s Director of Graduate Programs and Scholarships, stated that up to ten million pesos would be destined to aid eight students whose projects are related to science and technology. This amount could be raised according to the needs of the grant holders.

At this point the maximum amount for tuition fees for a year is 250 thousand pesos.

During a press conference, both institutions informed that Conacyt also contributed 3 millions pesos to the program BecArte that is runned by the Foundation that expects to double in order to support residencies and courses in other countries of students that attend the different colleges of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

Autrey explained that from 2010, year when the Foundation was created, until now 81 grants have been given through BecArte that sum up to 110 thousand dollars. Thanks to BecArte, students have been able to travel to different universities in the United Sates of America and Europe.

The Foundation and Conacyt will also finance a research that will allow INBA’s cultural infrastructure to gradually become sustainable.

Currently a diagnostic study is being carried out, in alliance with the Environment Program (PUMA) of Mexico’s Autonomous National University, at the Luthery, Crafts, Design and Emerald schools, in order to see how systems that make it possible to diminish their environmental problems can be incorporated.

Autrey affirms that their objective is to extend it to all the buildings of the University.

The deadline closes 24 August, 2012.,cac1a8a7bb709310VgnVCM10000098cceb0aRCRD.html