The Congress will leave artists without social security

El Universal,
10 August 2012, Mexico

The Law that creates the Social Security Fund for Artists, Creators and Cultural Administrators, approved last November by the Senate and that according to the calculations of María Rojo (Actress and PRD Senator behind this initiative) was going to be approved by the Chamber of Deputies last February is an unfinished business of this LXI legislature.

In what was announced as a “Final Activities Report” which was really a “thank-you toast” offered to members and advisors of this commission, López Rabadán stated, when interviewed by the media that the Social Security Law was not approved because the bill was submitted to three commissions: Culture, Treasury and Public Credit and Social Security.

According to PAN’s party deputy and President of the Culture Commission, López Rabadán, other pending matters that could solve the next legislature are the modifications of the Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historic Monuments and Areas, the legal status of Conaculta – Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, and the creation of a new Law for Culture.

“Commissions cannot take decisions individually. The methodology is quite complex because it is necessary to sit simultaneously 90 legislators (to approve it)”, were her words.

When reminded that from the beginning of 2012 it was expressed that this law was a priority for the current legislature and that it was widely supported by the cultural community, Rabadán insisted: “If you ask me personally, I would tell you that this is an important issue that must be solved as soon as possible, (but) when faced to real procedures my position collides with the difficult situation of “putting together 90 legislators that must solve different matters. It was absolutely impossible”.

Pending matters
In relation to updating and reforming the Federal Law on Archaeological, Artistic and Historic Monuments and Areas, approved last February by the Senate that promoted 11 reforms to the Law and the Federal Code of Penal Procedures, that include the right to a hearing, the protection of underwater heritage and the upgrade to minimum wage of sanctions imposed to those who infringe heritage, said:

“We really hope that the next legislature can approve it because this is a pending issue of this country. We made some modifications that awaited the Education Commission approval, but we received the bill from the Senate during the end of the sessions (and were not able to revise it).”

In relation to the General Law for Culture, which contained the creation of a Culture Secretariat, he stated there was no “unanimity”. “(It implied) an internal discussion that was quite complex and that was not going to come to an end” were his words.