Interview with Alan Davey relaunches the IFACCA Arts Leaders Talk series

11 December 2014, England

In a follow-up to IFACCA’s Arts Leaders Talk series, we invite you to watch a video of outgoing CEO of Arts Council England and IFACCA Chair, Alan Davey, discussing his thoughts on arts support, filmed at this year’s CEO Leadership Seminar in Santiago de Chile. The video is available on YouTube here.

In the Arts Leaders Talk series, leaders from IFACCA member organisations from around the world are asked six questions: What are the next big opportunities for your organisation in the future? What are the challenges for your organisation in the current financial environment? Has social media had an impact on your role as CEO? What is the value of IFACCA to you and your organisation? What have you found to be the most effective way to advocate the role of arts in society? What inspires you about working in the arts

Over coming months, we will be releasing more videos of CEOs discussing their roles and giving a personal perspective on leadership in the arts – including words from Rosemary Mangope (South Africa), Tony Grybowski (Australia), and Datuk Norliza bt. Rofli (Malaysia), plus many more.


IFACCA's YouTube channel also provides links to videos from IFACCA's World Summits in 2009, 2011 and 2014.