224 new positions of public employment for civil servants in the cultural field in 2015

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte ,
27 March 2015, Spain

128 will be new positions while 96 are reserved for internal promotion.

According to the Royal Decree 196/2015, of 22 March, by which the public employment for 2015 is approved, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport will convene 224 civil servant positions in the field of culture. Of these, 128 will be new positions and 96 are reserved for internal promotion. It is expected that the call for new positions will be formally published before summer.

Regarding the staff resources, the Secretariat of State for Culture and autonomous organisms have been awarded 101 positions of different categories. Of these, 41 will be new positions and 60 are reserved for internal promotion.
This is the first authorization of civil servant positions in six years and the first authorization of new employment positions since 2008.

What can be observed is the important offer of public employment for the National Library of Spain (101 positions), both new positions (54) as well as internal promotion (47). This enables the institutions to rely less on external outsourcing.
The INAEM has also received an authorization to employ musicians to the Spanish National Orchestra (12) and to the National Choir and Theatre of Zarzuela (10) that will help the situation of these institutions.