Ministry of Culture contributes to a better integration of foreigners in the Republic of Moldova

Ministry of Culture,
07 April 2015, Moldova

Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova regularly organizes in collaboration with the Department of Migration, socio-cultural accommodation sessions, as required by Law no. 274 on the integration of foreigners in the country.

     These sessions are intended to facilitate the accommodation of immigrants who arrive in our country be looking for a job, or in relation to family status or refuge from war plagues way, as is the case with many Syrians or Ukrainian.

    In 2014, the Ministry of Culture was supported in this task by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Moldova by providing technical equipment necessary for the proper functioning of socio-cultural adaptation sessions. Thus, in the last two years, hundreds of foreigners benefited from these free sessions designed to improve their general knowledge about everything related to culture and Moldovan society and to catalyze the process of integration into society.