Setting up of National Virtual Library

Ministry of Culture, India,
20 March 2017, India

A National Mission on Libraries has been set up by Ministry of Culture, Government of India, vide notification dated 4th May, 2012 in pursuance of National Knowledge Commission recommendations for sustained attention for development of Libraries and Information science Sector. The components of National Mission on Libraries are:-

  • Creation of National Virtual Library of India (NVLI) to facilitate a comprehensive database on digital resources on information about India and on information generated in India, in an open access environment. This project costing Rs.72.34 crore has been entrusted to IIT Bombay. NVLI prototype has since been developed.
  • Setting up of NML Model Libraries. The NML will cover 35 State Central Libraries, 35 District Libraries and 6 Libraries under the Ministry of Culture. Funds approved for modernization of various State and Central Libraries is at Annexure-I.
  • Quantitative & Qualitative Survey of Libraries to prepare a baseline data of libraries in India through a survey of 5000 Libraries. The work has been assigned to Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB).
  • Capacity Building to enhance the professional competence of library personnel. INFLIBNET has conducted trainings in this regard.