2017 Korea-China Traditional Cultural Exchange Performance

Gwangju Cultural Foundation,
12 September 2017, South Korea

Gwangju Cultural Foundation(GCF) will hold ‘2017 Korea-China Traditional Cultural Exchange Performance’ with an invitation to music troupe of Harbin Opera from China at the 5.18 Democratic Square in front of Asian Culture Center on 16th of September around 17:30.

GCF has lead its exchange business since 2011 to promote Culture City of Gwangju to the area of China and develop the understanding between two countries. During past 7 years, GCF has been lasting its exchange with Harbin, Henan, Zhengzhou, Changzhi, Beijing so on.


In particular, Gwangju and Harbin have had an active exchange such as mutual visiting in 2011 on August and October. GCF visited Harbin for performance with artists in 2015 and its relationship leads to invite performance team from Harbin in this year. Harbin performance Team will be on the stage for the opening ceremony at the event of 25 anniversary for celebrating exchange between Korea and China.

The music troupe of Harbin Opera will perform Chinese traditional music ensemble ‘Huiyangyang’, ‘The Five Classics of moonlight night’, ‘The Flower, Nari’ and ‘Butterfly and Blue’ with the melody of Cello, ‘Fallen Blossom, Night’, ‘Ripen Grape’ so on for showing modern style of performance included tradition and folk sentiment. Moreover, with local art group, Korea-China collaboration for performance will be shown up to the public. For hightlight, the music troupe of Harbin Opera will play a Song of ‘Arirang’ and sing all together with audience.