Americas Chapter

14 October 2018, International

The Americas Chapter of the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies was formed at a meeting of members in 2014 at the 6th World Summit on Arts and Culture in Santiago, co-hosted by the National Council for Culture and the Arts, Chile (CNCA).

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The fourth and most recent meeting of the Americas Chapter took place alongside the inaugural Americas Cultural Summit in May 2018. The Americas Cultural Summit and Americas Chapter Meeting were co-hosted by the Canada Council for the Arts, IFACCA's Regional Focal Point for the Americas in 2018-19, in partnership with the Ministry for Culture of Argentina.

The Americas Cultural Summit took place in Ottawa, Canada and brought together more than 160 delegates from 33 countries, including 25 from across the region. The programme explored the theme of Cultural Citizenship and included sessions on cultural rights, digital inclusion, truth memory and reconciliation, art and social justice, and participatory governance.

The fourth meeting of the Americas Chapter took place during the Summit on Friday 11 May. During the meeting the members present discussed the issues raised during the Summit; how these relate to the work of their institutions; the potential to build more prosperous, open and inclusive societies; and how members may work together towards common objectives. At the close of the meeting, the members collectively endorsed the Call to Action Statement, informed by IFACCA’s vision and aspiring to the principles of UNESCO’s 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



The current members of the Americas Chapter are:

• Ministry of Culture, Argentina
Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, Bahamas
• National Institute of Culture & History, Belize
• Canada Council for the Arts
• Cayman National Cultural Foundation, Cayman Islands
 Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio, Chile
• Ministerio de Cultura, Colombia
• Ministerio de Cultura, Cuba
• National Trust of Guyana
• Secretaría de Cultura, Mexico
• Secretaría Nacional de Cultura, Presidencia de la República, Paraguay
• Ministry of Education and Culture, Uruguay
• National Endowment for the Arts, USA 


Current affiliates of the Americas Chapter:

• State Secretary for Culture of Mato Grosso, Brazil
• Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada
• Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada
• Manitoba Arts Council, Canada
• Ontario Arts Council, Canada
• AEA Consulting, ​USA
• Americans for the Arts, ​USA
• Carnegie Mellon University, Master of Arts Management Program, ​USA
• dotMusic & dotArtist Initiative, ​USA



Each IFACCA Regional Chapter has a Regional Focal Point. This is a National Member institution of the Federation that liaises with members in the region and organises a Chapter Meeting or other joint initiative. The role of Regional Focal Point is for a fixed period and is open to all National Members on a rotating basis.

The current Regional Focal Point for the Americas is the Secretary of Culture of the Nation, Argentina. It assumed the role in March 2019 during the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture, as the confirmed hosts of the next Americas Chapter Meeting and Americas Cultural Summit 2019. The official RFP representative is Mr Andrés Gribnicow, Secretary for Culture and Creativity, Secretary of Culture of the Nation.



Members in the Americas have held six regional meetings to date

  • Ottawa, Canada, May 2018
  • Valletta, Malta, October 2016 
  • San José, Costa Rica, April 2014
  • Santiago, Chile, January 2014
  • Melbourne, Australia, October 2011
  • Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2009