Artstate Tamworth

Co-hosted by Regional Arts NSW,
31 October 2019, Australia

Thursday 31 October - Sunday 3 November 2019
Tamworth, NSW, Australia

Regional Arts NSW presents Artstate, a four-year project in the form of an arts festival and speakers program that showcases the rich and diverse talent and culture of each region it visits.  

The speaker’s program will be held during Artstate Tamworth on Friday 1 and Saturday 2 November. Over the two days, delegates and industry leaders will come together to discuss the themes, “On Country – In Country” Respect for Country that deepens knowledge of arts, culture and regional practice and “Arts in the Age of Uncertainty” which looks at how the arts address the big issues of our day.

The keynote speakers for the Artstate Tamworth speakers program include CEO of the Australian Council for the Arts, Adrian Collette AM; Water and Environmental Scientist and Kamilaroi man, Brad Moggridge; Executive Director for WildWorks theatre company from the UK, Emma Hogg; and Artist, Storyteller and indigenous Canadian man, Patrick Shannon.

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