The EULAC-Focus project investigates bi-regional cultural relations between Latin America / Caribbean (CELAC) and the European Union

Co-hosted by EULAC FOCUS,
10 September 2019, International

This project brought together a score of universities and research centers on both sides of the Atlantic with the aim of "focusing on the cultural, scientific and social dimension of EU-CELAC relations, with a view to determining synergies and cross-fertilization, as well as the identification of asymmetries in bilateral and bi-regional relations ". The project, which began in 2016 and ends at the end of this year, is funded by the Horizon2020 Program. The first results in cultural matters will be presented by Lluís Bonet (U. de Barcelona) and Héctor Schargorodsky (U. de Buenos Aires) on September 10 in the city of Mar del Plata and September 12 in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

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