Linking Culture, Heritage and Tourism

24 September 2007, Latvia

The aim of the Researching Destination Management, Policy and Planning: Linking Culture, Heritage and Tourism conference is to bring together researchers who share interests in destination policy, planning and management in relation to culture(s), heritage and tourism. These research areas are also clearly relevant to professionals in destination management and the conference will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to share leading edge ideas, innovations and critical thinking with professional destination manager participants.
The conference will feature research presentations on theoretical and applied issues and themes for this conference: creative uses of cultural and heritage resources for tourism; cultural events and festivals as animators of place; transnational approaches to and conceptions of destination planning in urban and rural contexts; community participation in destination development; building sustainable partnerships and stakeholder relationships between tourism, culture and heritage in destinations; managing cultural heritage and sensitive sites for tourism; competitive advantage, new tourist markets and destinations; new and emerging technologies in destination representation and marketing; and destination image and branding.