D'Art 37: Global financial crisis and recession: impact on the arts

01 Junio 2009, International

D'Art Topic No. 37: Global financial crisis and recession: Impact on the arts

Arts councils and ministries of culture have a key role in working to minimise the negative impacts of the downturn on the arts and in helping artists and arts organisations navigate such uncertain times. They also have a key role in advising on and coordinating the arts and cultural aspects of the much-publicised central government responses to the downturn.

The aim of the report is to consolidate the collective expertise of IFACCA members as quickly as possible in order to help members respond to the downturn in a timely and informed way. This report presents the results of a survey of members of IFACCA on the likely impacts on the arts of the global downturn, and on how arts councils and ministries of culture around the world are helping arts sectors meet the challenges of the downturn.

While the overwhelming majority of respondents expect the global downturn to impact on the arts, many are still unsure about the extent, nature and timing of the impacts. Respondents unanimously agreed that a follow-up survey should be undertaken in 2009.