UNESCO 2005 Convention on Cultural Diversity

12 Octubre 2018, International

The Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions was adopted by UNESCO in October 2005, and entered into force in March 2007. The Convention seeks to strengthen the creation, production, distribution/dissemination, access and enjoyment of cultural expressions, as conveyed by cultural activities, goods and services. IFACCA has been involved in various activities related to the convention as detailed below.

Briefing Note on the Convention

In 2010, we commissioned a briefing note on the Convention designed for arts councils and ministries of culture. Download the full report here in English, en français, or en español.

Expert Facility

The UNESCO Expert Facility was established in 2011 with a purpose to strengthen the system of governance for culture in developing countries. From 2011 to 2015 the Facility included 30 international experts working in the field of public policy for culture and the cultural industries. In March 2015 this Facility was renewed and expanded to include 43 experts, in order to integrate new fields of expertise and include greater geographical representation. The renewed Facility will be in place from 2015 to 2017 and its activities – supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) - will be to raise awareness of the Convention, monitor policies and measures, and provide support to efforts to engage in evidence-based, transparent and participatory policy making at a national level.

IFACCA’s Executive Director (Sarah Gardner) and Regional Coordinator for Africa (Ayeta Anne Wangusa) are both members of the renewed pool of experts. In May 2015 they attended the first meeting of the Facility, alongside representatives from UNESCO Field Offices. Read more.

More information on the Facility is available on the UNESCO website.

Convention on Cultural Diversity in Asia

In 2014 we worked with UNESCO Bangkok to host a regional seminar on Diversity of Cultural Expression in Asia, which allowed delegates to exchange experiences, and explore challenges and perspectives relating to the implementation of the 2005 Convention. Read more.

In preparation for the seminar, we produced a draft analytical report that drew on our cultural policy resources and periodic reports submitted to us by Parties in Asia-Pacific. Delegates discussed the draft report, provided updates where relevant, and introduced examples from their countries. We published a final version of the report in April 2014.  Download the report here.

More information on the Convention is available on the UNESCO website.