Cayman Islands begins work on cultural policy

05 February 2002, Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands' Culture Ministry is beginning work on the nation's first cultural policy document. An initial meeting of representatives from the Cayman arts and cultural community was held on 16 January to discuss the formation of a policy, and to suggest names for a National Cultural Policy Task Force to oversee its development and implementation. Prior to the meeting, ministry Administrative Officer Patrice Donalds, said: 'Wednesday’s session is to encourage persons to share opinions on the kind of policy that will be relevant to the Caymanian environment. We will also ask participants about their expectations for the final product and seek to obtain their commitment to the policy development process.' Cayman Culture Minister Roy Bodden commented that a formal policy document would have a role in developing national identity and in supporting the work of existing institutions, such as the National Museum, the Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) and the National Gallery, as well as private sector organisations that work to promote local creative talent. 'A cultural policy will provide concrete guidelines for offering assistance to training institutions, individual educators and artists, as well as funding for touring opportunities,' he said, 'As such it will allow government to better nurture, develop and train the human resources that contribute to the wide-ranging and fluid body that is Caymanian culture.' It is expected that a draft cultural policy would be ready for submission to the Cayman Legislative Assembly by the beginning of 2003.