Research Assistant

Glasgow University, Department of Music,
15 February 2002, United Kingdom

REF 044/02 You will assist a team of researchers based at the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen and aiming to publish a series of top-quality volumes designed to make Scotland's musical heritage accessible to all. You will have a first or upper second class honours degree or equivalent. This position is available immediately for one year. Application, including Applicant information and equal opportunities monitoring forms, CV, covering letter and names and addresses of two referees, should be sent to Dr Warwick Edwards, Department of Music, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QH. THE MUSIC OF SCOTLAND The Music of Scotland is a new series of scholarly editions of early Scottish music, published jointly by the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen. The subject matter covers a wide range of ecclesiastical, fine-art and traditional music, including plainchant, Renaissance polyphony, solo songs, music for bagpipe, lute, virginals, harpsichord, violin, recorder and harp. Two volumes have been published so far: The MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript of Piobaireachd (1820), ed. F. Buisman, R. D. Cannon and A. Wright, Music of Scotland, volume 1 (2001). ISBN 0 8526169 3 7 Isobel Woods Preece, "Our awin Scottis use": Music in the Scottish Church up to 1603, Studies in the Music of Scotland (2000). ISBN 0 8526169 4 5 Volumes scheduled for publication this year are The Balcarres Lute Book (c.1700) The Agnes Hume (1704) and Margaret Sinkler (1710) Manuscripts The Inchcolm Antiphoner (14th century) The project is managed by an Executive Committee comprising Dr Warwick Edwards and Professor James Porter (General Editors), Dr Mary Anne Alburger, Dr Marjorie Rycroft. The Advisory Editors are international scholars Margaret Bent, Philip Brett, Richard Hudson, Hugh Macdonald and Anne Dhu McLucas. The present appointment is funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board Resource Enhancement scheme. The appointment may be extended beyond the present year, subject to the securing of additional research funding. 1. JOB PURPOSE Assist a team of researchers based at the Universities of Glasgow and Aberdeen and aiming to publish a series of top-quality volumes designed to make Scotland's musical heritage accessible to all. 2. KEY TASK SUMMARY To undertake all aspects of preparation of material received from editors for printing and publication. To undertaking all aspects of marketing and publicity. To undertake all aspects of project administration. 3. KEY TASKS a) Music typesetting, as required for two or more volumes currently in preparation b) Copy editing per house rules, and preparation of camera-ready copy c) Evaluation of musical notation software packages and keeping abreast with and contributing to current research in this field in which Glasgow has considerable previous experience. Initially the appointee will have at his or her disposal the Music Department's range of music-writing programmes, which includes both industry-standard packages such as Sibelius and software developed especially for dealing with the unusual notational features of some of the earlier manuscripts. d) Keeping abreast with developments in electronic publishing and advising executive committee accordingly. e) Technical input into website, especially sound files. f) Co-ordinating the research team, arranging and clerking meetings, reporting on project progress, financial monitoring g) Liaising with editors (who may be either external or part of the research team) on all aspects of preparation for publication h) Assisting with project planning and with the setting and monitoring of schedules i) Administering contracts j) Assisting with funding applications k) Handling all correspondence and developing databases for use in marketing initiatives.