Want to tour in England? Arts venue info at a click

15 March 2002, United Kingdom

A new online arts database that looks set to make the lives of tour managers, promoters and producers much easier, has just completed its initial development phase and is in test mode. The English Regional Arts Boards and the Arts Council of England collaborated on the development of the 'Online Arts Venues and Resources Guide'. The service has been designed to bring to one location all relevant information on people, places and venues that support arts touring in England. The first stage of the service has a focus on the performing arts and festivals, but will subsequently include detailed information on the touring of visual arts. It also includes a list of promoters who support arts tours or who create arts touring product. Tailored to meet the needs of touring companies, producers and co-producers, information gathering for the database is underway. Organisations, promoters, companies who should be listed in the 'Guide', can visit www.arts.org.uk to download the relevant form. The test site can be viewed at: www.arts-venues.co.uk