Online forum on cultural diversity

24 June 2002, Colombia

The Organisation of American States is inviting participation in the online 'Dialogue and Discussion Forum on Cultural Diversity in the Hemisphere'. The forum is being convened in preparation for the First Inter-American Meeting of Ministers of Culture and Highest Appropriate Cultural Policy Authorities, to be held July 12-13, in Colombia. The topic of the forum is: 'Civil society's participation in the promotion of cultural diversity in the hemisphere'. Organisers believe that debate on cultural diversity, and strategies for action on this theme, 'are sustained by recognising that all actors involved have a contribution to make', and are encouraging the sharing of points of view, experiences and comments on the initiatives proposed for discussion at the ministerial meeting. The forum offers a space for dialogue among civil society organisations and individuals working in the cultural field, or with issues related to cultural diversity – especially those working with indigenous groups, women and African-American communities. Those interested in participating in the forum may register on the website, and, once registered, documents of reference on different approaches to cultural diversity may be reviewed. These documents have served as a background for the drafting of an Inter-American Declaration and Plan of Action on Cultural Diversity. Comments and contributions will be registered and published on the website. A summary of all comments will be presented at the Preparatory Meeting and the First Inter-American Meeting of Ministries of Culture and Highest Appropriate Cultural Policy Authorities. Registration forms are available on the website Alternatively, comments may be sent via fax: + 1 202 458 6115. Further details regarding the ministerial meeting is available online