Festival of cultural exchange between Germany and Mexico

13 May 2003, Mexico

Greater cultural dialogue and exchange between artistic communities in Mexico and Germany are the expected outcomes of the ‘CulturALE Festival’, to be held in Mexico in 2003. Established in response to the MEXartes-Berlin Festival, held in Germany in 2002, CulturALE 2003 will aim to establish a dialogue between the two countries and will include the participation of more than 270 German artists, Through public exhibitions, concerts, visual arts, conferences and workshops, the Mexican people will be exposed to the artists and artforms that have made that country a world cultural centre. German ambassador to Mexico, Wolf Ruthar Born, said the festival aimed to highlight the cultural exchanges made between Mexico and Germany, following the fall of the Berlin Wall and the introduction of free trade. ‘CulturALE 2003 will be noted for its enthusiasm and friendliness, as well as being an historic opportunity for the two countries, as it coincides with the bicentenary of the arrival of Alexander von Humboldt in Mexico,’ he said. For more information in Spanish, CLICK HERE