More support for Colombian cultural sector

23 May 2003, Colombia

The Colombian Cultural Ministry has combined a series of different incentives aimed at encouraging the sustainability of the country’s cultural sector. The total funding amount allocated to the Ministerial Cultural Portfolio in 2003 is $2,289 million for scholarships, prizes, residencies, artist conventions and audiovisual competitions. By combining the various incentives into one single portfolio, the government hopes interested recipients will be able to elect opportunities best suiting their needs. In addition to traditional portfolio inclusions, such as the national prize for unpublished works and the overseas artistic residency programs, the new portfolio includes changes to the National Culture Prize and the addition of a Colombo Frances Prize for innovation in traditional music. The Prize for Cultural Organisation Excellence has also been included to assist with the sustainability of Colombian Culture. Other new additions to the portfolio include residencies in the arts, audiovisual and museum industries. For more information (in Spanish), CLICK HERE.