Mexican Cultural Ministry to raise funds for cathedral

05 August 2003, Mexico

Sari Bermudez of the Mexican Cultural Ministry has called on the Mexican Federal Government, District Governments and the Catholic Church to contribute further funds to the restoration of the Metropolitana Cathedral. Prior to the unveiling of a commemorative plaque by Marta Sahagun de Fox, wife of Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada, on July 23, more than 60 million pesos had been invested for the restoration of the Metropolitan Cathedral by the Mexican Government. However, Bermudez says that a total of at least 260 million pesos is needed for the full restoration aimed to be finished before the end of 2006. The inauguration for the restoration funding took place during a special concert where more than 20,000 spectators enjoyed a narrative of the history of the cathedral accompanied by the sounds of a pipe-organ, trumpets and children's choir. For further information in Spanish, CLICK HERE.