D'Art Report: Successful Dance Policies and Programs

IFACCA and the Australia Council,
01 October 2003, Australia

A brief summary of dance programs, policies and challenges in various countries. Some challenges that a number of countries are grappling with in the development of dance include:
- professional development beyond pre-entry training;
- support for proven choreographers and performers;
- affordable and accessible space for rehearsal and development;
- building and sustaining touring networks;
- low remuneration for dance practitioners; and
- career insecurity.

The report provides information and references about initiatives such as the Canada Council’s pilot program to encourage creation-based partnerships between presenters and artists. It also reveals some of the different types of support that are available for dance in different countries. In Germany, some of the leading dance companies are tied to the corporate structure and finances of opera houses. In France, in order to make dance better available outside of Paris, the government selected and supported 'dynamic young choreographers' to relocate and establish companies in regional centres.