Design Policy System and Its Structure in Korea

Kosin University,
01 October 2003, Korea, Rep

The importance of design and design industry as the pivot of knowledge foundation industry in 21st century has been largely understood as a core factor in order to increase the international competitive
power subject in industry development. And, the role of design is importantly recognized to citizens daily life in general not only in the industrial development of state and enterprising activities. However, it is the situation that they cannot take direction at all how to manage, develop and apply the design as a matter of fact. This is due to lack of design policy and in such point of view the argument for design policy may be said inevitable.

Since therefore, very enthusiastical and developmental rearing of design industry is difficult to be practical with the vulnerable structure of design policy system as of now. In the conceptual feature of design the design policy shall be free and creative as the premise and be predictive and also that it must be securing for the state competitive power however, with the policy system of lower level unit in the organizational structure it is difficult to secure the ability to promote the design industry being the center of such creativeness, predictiveness and the national industry.

Under such vision this dissertation is to look around the status of design policy of the Government for the domestic design field for development of design and design industry, to grasp and analyze problem areas that the design policy of our country has and, to grope for formation of design policy and systematic structural frame in execution by settlement of concept of the design policy and review of design policy system.