Controversy over cultural exchange between Cuba and Puerto Rico

28 October 2003, Cuba

The Cuban Chamber for Books (CCL) has condemned ‘new aggression’ by the US government against the culture of Cuba. CCL claims that attempts to silence the cultural voices of Cuba have again been made by blocking its presence at the next international book fair in Puerto Rico. Cuban writer and poet, Aymara Carrasco, was booked to participate in the fair scheduled to take place from November 15-23, but Visas for both Carrasco and the Predisent of CCL, Máximo Salgado Perdigón, were denied. The cultural institution stated that other Cubans anticipating participation hope that their entrance to Puerto Rico will not be opposed by the North American government. The CCL expressed its disgust at the blocking of cultural exchange between Cuba and Puerto Rico, a decision said to have been adopted by US authorities who are culturally and geographically distant from these sister islands. For further information in Spanish, CLICK HERE.