International book fair has Quebec flair

01 December 2003, Mexico

A delegation of 400 writers, editors and artists from Quebec were embraced by local dignitaries and communities when they arrived for ¡Voilà Québec en México! – a specially organised cultural event framed around the Guadalajara International Book Fair. A program of cultural activities was added to the fair, to further facilitate exchange between the host country and it’s visitors. ‘The fascination provoked by books from Quebec in the Guadalajara Fair was certainly an event. Mexicans visit the Quebecois Pavilion filled with curiosity and interest. This confirms the talent of our writers, the quality of our literature and the dynamism of the editorial sector,’ said Culture Minister for Quebec, Line Beauchamp, guest of honour at the event. During her stay, the minister closely followed three sections of the fair - the book program, the cultural program and the academic program. For further information in French, CLICK HERE.