Bright year for Cuban theatre

01 January 2004, Cuba

The performing arts continue to gain momentum in Cuba; with attendence numbers on the rise and programming reaching further afield. Cuban National Council of Performing Arts President, Julian Gonzalez noted that 100,000 people attended theatres this year to see shows that are not traditionally strong attractions. He praised Cuba's 110 professional theatre groups and 34 dance companies, whose tours increased considerably in 2003. These included the more remote areas of the Island and multiple international stops. Gonzalez cited the 7 country European tour by the Buendía Theatre Group as evidence of a bright future. "They dared to perform in the cradle of theatre", boasted Gonzalez of the company's presentation of Euripides in Greece. The theatre arts in Cuba saw further victories in 2003. Prestigious specialists visited the nation for performative and educative purposes, and Cuban theatre artists joined their international colleagues at the Havana Theatre Festival. For more detail, click here