The same, but different: rural arts touring Scotland, the case of theatre

The Centre for Cultural Policy Research,
01 January 2004, United Kingdom

The Centre for Cultural Policy Research at the University of Glasgow has released The same, but different: rural arts touring in Scotland, the case of theatre by Christine Hamilton and Adrienne Scullion. The Same, But Different is an account of the system of cultural provision and production that exists in the rural areas of Scotland and that can result in such high levels of activity and community engagement. It reviews the policy framework that exists in Scotland as a whole and in the selected rural areas of Dumfries and Galloway, the Highlands and Islands, and the North East and Aberdeenshire. It investigates the role of rural-based agents in developing and maintaining cultural provision across Scotland, and critiques the challenge of rural-based agents contributing the cultural diet through the development of indigenous and locally-based talent. Drawing on both desk research and extensive field work - including interviews with theatre companies and policy makers across rural Scotland and undertaking focus groups with audiences - the report highlights the roles and responsibilities of key agents for arts in rural areas including the Scottish Arts Council, Hi~Arts, the Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association, the Promoters' Arts Network and, crucially, the independent, locally-based volunteer promoter. In addition, the experiences and opinions of theatre makers - active in Scotland's rural areas over a period of thirty years - illustrate and further debate issues of rural infrastructure and representation. The report has been published by Comedia and is available to order, at a cost of £10, from Eco Distribution. Please phone +44 (0)1239 891431 or e-mail [email protected]. An online order form will shortly be available from the Comedia web site at: