Spanish Ministry of Culture awards music, dance, theatre and circus

23 July 2004, Spain

The Spanish Ministry of Culture has awarded 545 grants for music, dance, theatre and circus through its support of the Institute of Performing Arts and Music. The funding was revealed in a public announcement from the Ministry, outlining budget support for arts activities across 2004/05. Music and opera have received 116 grants totalling 1.617.900 euros; dance received 129 grants totalling 2.220.730 euros; and the theatre sector was awarded 276 allocations totalling 5.722.080 euros, for national and international activities, promoting Spanish arts abroad. Twenty four grants of 458,000 euros were also given to artists and organisations producing circus performance. The new funding support is aimed at boosting the Spanish performing arts industries, with a focus on touring and global outreach. For further information in Spanish, CLICK HERE.