Cultural evening for Egyptian youth in Tunisia

07 September 2004, Tunisia

The Tunisian Minister for Culture, Youth and Recreation has hosted a cultural evening for Egyptian youth in Radès - the centerpiece of a broader cultural exchange project. The evening was conducted within the framework of the 11th Cultural Caravan of Egyptian youth, currently visiting Tunisia, as part of a 2004 programme for cooperation between Tunisian and Egyptian youth. At the gathering, Minister. Kamel Haj Sassi emphasised the strong ties between the two regions, pointing to the successful Caravan as evidence of partnership potential. The Tunisian Secretary of State applauded the success of the Tuniso-Egyptian project, which has attracted more than 5000 young people since its creation. He further commended the increasing diversification of Caravan activities, the spirit behind the initiative and the values of tolerance and solidarity it promoted. Caravan participants expressed gratitude for their Tunisian reception and the country’s commitment to cultural exchange. For further information in French, CLICK HERE