£635,000 to go to first national youth dance programme

16 November 2005, United Kingdom

The Arts Council England is creating a new award of £635,000 to support Youth Dance England. The money will go towards developing the first national development programme for youth dance. The award is the largest Arts Council England grant for the arts for national awards. The award is designed to encourage dance participation for young people by creating networks, training and large-scale events. Nine organisations in each region of England will be working with Youth Dance England to improve the opportunities available for young people. Jeanette Siddall, Director of Dance, Arts Council England, said: “This award demonstrates Arts Council England’s commitment to enhancing opportunities for young people to experience and participate in arts activity. Thanks to the vision and energy of Youth Dance England more young people than ever will be able to create, perform and communicate through dance. I am delighted by this prospect and look forward to seeing more young people dancing.” Linda Jasper, Director of Youth Dance England said: “This is the start of a new era for young people’s involvement in dance.” A national database of dance opportunities will be made available online so that young people, teachers, parents nad carers have access to dance information in their area. For more information, CLICK HERE.