Culture Vultures: Is UK arts policy damaging the arts

Policy Exchange,
11 February 2006, England

A collection of essays that attempts to break the stifling consensus about arts policy today, and to challenge the increasing instrumentalism of policy-makers. It brings together some of the leading experts on the UK arts and cultural sector, and reveals many of the problems that have emerged as a result of recent policies. As Government places increasing demands on the arts, it is worth taking a step back and asking if they can deliver. It also makes sense to ask whether the freedom of the artist is compromised by these extra demands and the bureacracy of ‘box-ticking’.

The social impacts of the arts – myth or reality?
Eleonora Belfiore

Unreliable evidence
Sara Selwood

Who owns public art?
Josie Appleton

A business solution for creativity, not a creativity solution for business
James Heartfield

The arts as painkiller
Munira Mirza

Consumed by the political
Andrew Brighton

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