International Measurement of the Economic and Social Importance of Culture

01 March 2007, France

This report provides information on an OECD Project examining the feasibility of producing reliable international comparative measures of the culture sector. As part of the project, initial measures were produced for five countries and four cities. A draft version of the paper was circulated in August 2006 and, subsequently, an international workshop of experts was held in Paris in December 2006. Comments and recommendations from the participants at the workshop and from others have been incorporated into the paper. Section XII Next Steps contains a workplan that is designed to enable the production of reliable comparable measures on an ongoing basis. Contents include: • International Precedents • Macro Economic and Participation Indicators • Social Indicators • The Approach to Culture Statistics at the National Level (Australia, Canada, France, United KingdomUnited States of America • The Approach to Culture Statistics at the City Level • Comparative Measures To access the publication, CLICK HERE For more information on the project, CLICK HERE