Indigenous Art - Securing the Future

Commonwealth of Australia ,
01 June 2007, Australia

Set against the rapid evolution of contemporary Indigenous visual arts and craft is emerging concern about the sustainability of the sector, and allegations of unethical business practices within it, in August 2006 the Australian Senate established a Committee for inquiry on Australia's Indigenous visual arts and craft sector, with particular reference to: • the current size and scale of Australia's Indigenous visual arts and craft sector; • the economic, social and cultural benefits of the sector; • the overall financial, cultural and artistic sustainability of the sector; • the current and likely future priority infrastructure needs of the sector; • opportunities for strategies and mechanisms that the sector could adopt to improve its practices, capacity and sustainability, including to deal with unscrupulous or unethical conduct; • opportunities for existing government support programs for Indigenous visual arts and crafts to be more effectively targeted to improve the sector's capacity and future sustainability; and • future opportunities for further growth of Australia's Indigenous visual arts and craft sector, including through further developing international markets. After an extensive consulation round, the committee has released a detailed report and made a number of recommendations that involve adoption and implementation of a code of conduct.