A Virtual Forum on Cultural Indicators Forms Part of the Events of “Bogotá Capital Iberoamericana de la Cultura 2007”

25 September 2007, Colombia

Bogotá was appointed Ibero-America’s cultural capital for the year 2007. This designation recognizes the city’s transformation, its cultural and artistic offerings and its leadership in placing culture as a transversal axis of the city’s development.
As part of this celebration, virtual fora have been opened for the exchange of ideas and experiences between academics, researchers, cultural administrators, policy makers, and other culturally active citizens of Ibero-America, in order to imagine strategies and programs to strengthen the role of culture within the sustainable development of the region’s cities. Their subjects are: Cultural Rights in an Iberoamerican Perspective, Intercultural Ibero-America, Culturally Active Communities, Cultural Sustainability, Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Information and Indicators. You can visit these fora, until November 2007, in www.bogotacapitaliberoamericanadelacultura.gov.co
One of these virtual fora addresses cultural indicators. The participants discuss the construction of information systems and cultural indicators appropriate to improve the evaluation of cultural policy initiatives and their social impact. Parallel to the forum runs a blog of experts on cultural indicators where readings related to the matter will be discussed and placed for public consultation.
The organizers invite people that work in the cultural sector and/or interested in cultural indicators to register, to participate actively in the virtual forum, to exchange ideas and share their experiences. Information regarding the registration process and the participation procedures can be found at: www.bogotacapitaliberoamericanadelacultura.gov.co
For further information or to pose additional questions please write to [email protected]