Arts Council Statement regarding Anna Lo’s motion for the arts

Arts Council of Northern Ireland,
05 October 2007, Northern Ireland

Roisín McDonough, Chief Executive at the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, said, “This is make or break time for many of our artists and arts organizations. A relatively modest slice of the overall public funding cake will make a dramatic difference to the arts. I welcome Anna Lo’s motion and believe that it is time that art is placed at the heart of our social, economic and creative lives.”
Anna Lo said that the Assembly should take this opportunity to send out a clear signal that funding must improve, “The Arts sector is extremely important for local tourism and for the economy.
“The very least that the arts in Northern Ireland deserve is to be funded to the same level as this sector gets is in other parts of the UK. I hope that the debate on Tuesday will put enough pressure on the Minister to secure a commitment extra funding.”