Public Art through the lens

Arts Council of Wales,
23 November 2007, Wales

The naming of the new organisation marks the completion of merger formalities between two of Wales' leading public arts organisations, CBAT, the Arts & Regeneration Agency and Cywaith Cymru - Artworks Wales, which have up to now been operating under the temporary name of Public Art Wales. This merger was funded with a Lottery grant by the Arts Council of Wales which also facilitated the project.
As part of the ArtOutside celebrations, an online photographic forum has been launched in association with the award-winning Big Art Mob initiative - part of Channel 4's Big Art Project. Budding amateur photographers from across Wales and beyond are asked to add their own photographic images of their favourite public artworks in Wales to the ArtOutside forum on the Big Art Mob website -
The best images, selected by a panel of distinguished public art and photographic experts, will be announced on Thursday, 28th November, and featured on the new organisation's website when it is launched in December.
Wiard Sterk, chief executive of the new organisation, said, "In launching this photographic forum, in association with Big Art Mob and Channel 4, we hope it will inspire people from all over Wales to think about the public art around them and to creatively capture their favourite piece for all to see.
"ArtOutside aims to encourage people from across Wales to think about public art and to debate and engage with us and help formulate public art strategies to meet the needs of communities across Wales."