The Arts Council of Wales 2008/09 Budget

Arts Council of Wales,
30 January 2008, Wales

The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) has announced today its spending plans for developing the arts in 2008-09.

Additional funding from the Welsh Assembly Government has been earmarked for developing the English Language National Theatre for Wales, and for beacon companies and individuals to take forward recommendations from the Wales Arts (Stephens) Review.

Peter Tyndall, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of Wales, said:
"The development of a sustainable portfolio of arts organisations is a key priority for ACW, as is the provision of opportunities for all the people of Wales to experience and participate in the arts.

"It is therefore essential that ACW can develop and fund organisations able to deliver this aspiration to a high standard, enabling them to grow and reach their full potential. We have been delighted to announce new areas of growth for next year, but this inevitably means we have had to look for savings from elsewhere in the portfolio."